Monday, April 30, 2007

How Important Are Omega 3s & Do We Need to Eat Fish to Get It?

Hi Green World

A friend of mine sent me an email with an attached publication written by some group extolling the importance of humans getting enough Omega 3s in our diet. I have read about the importance of Omega 3s since I used to eat hemp seeds and it is advertised as being a rich source of these healthy fats. Which reminds me, it is time to order some more hempseed!!! I love the taste of hempseed and it is easy to use in many foods.

I don;t believe one needs to eat fish in order to get Omega 3s, as repeatedly written in the article, after all the fish is getting the Omega 3s not from itself but from plants, ie from algae and other water growing plants!!! I just love how these typical medical or organization publications write these supposedly helpful information writings and write that a person has to eat animal products to be healthy. Well what about all of the vegan animals out there that are doing just fine, in fact, thriving on their purely plant diets??? That is exactly how humans are designed to thrive too, on a vegan diet.

I know Purslane, in fact it grows as a weed here, and I know it is healthy and rich in Omega 3s too. However, it does have the same oxalic acid that is found in Spianch I believe and as such is not recommended to be eaten too often since this acid can deplete minerals from thebody or such. I think today there is a lot of hoopla about this or that nutirnet we must get...blah blah blah. While it may be true that we need certain nutrients I think advertisers try to scare into eating their products or such. Look at all of the animals out there doing just fine eating what they find in the wild, including vegan animals. Soooooo, that's why I think it is very valuable, even essential for every person to grow their own food and to not wash their food unless they have to. Our overly clean society washes much of the nutrients off of the food. Yes if we just grazed in our vegetable gardens on all of the planted and wild greens their we would get a more complete diet. To me this seems to be the easiest and closest way for us humans to replicate the wild, healthy diet our bodies were designed to consume. That's what my dad taught me and that's why you see me grazing in the vegetable garden or anywhere else I see a healthy dandelion growing!

Boy, I wrote a lot! Anyways, for the record, I do eat purslane from time to time. It is good in a salad since it is fresh tasting (slightly acidic) and crunchy. Now where do I order my hempseeds??...