Thursday, October 23, 2008

2009 Adventure Ecotour of Germany

20-30.August.2009 - Adventure Ecotour of Germany 2009: Discovering the Baltic Coast, Berlin, and Saxony’s Secret Green Architecture and Gardens

Join eco pioneer, Roland Oehme for an Incredible Experience of Germany's Sustainable Lifestyle!

We Offer Personalized Small Group, Carbon Offset Tours. Our tours emphasize Germany's wonderful progressive design sense as seen in its amazing garden shows, parks and gardens, sustainable architecture, transportation, beautiful pedestrian oriented towns and cities, and many other examples of sustainable living.

Come Join Us Next Year, 2009, to See the Unique German Federal Garden Show (BUGA) in Schwerin!

The German Federal Garden Show is the Olympic of garden shows as it only happens once every two years in a different city in Germany. Unlike the many temporary garden or flower shows in the USA or England, this horticultural extravaganza in Germany takes years of planning at all levels of government and the relevant private sector in order to build a permanent park for the city's residents to use forever.

The next German Federal Garden Show will take place not until 2011, so you won't want to miss next year's tour in 2009!

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